Who Are You – On The Web?

Analyze how your end customers perceive your brand and products online and act accordingly.

WHO.AM.I. – Everything you need in one product

No matter what questions you ask yourself, we help you to answer them with the right data.



"Which prices see my end customers online?"

Discover for which retail prices your and/or your competitors’ products are offered online.



"How do end customers rate my products online?"

Discover how end customers review your and/or your competitors’ products online.



"How does my brand relate to certain topics online?"

Discover with which topics your and/or your competitors’ brands are associated online.



"Where and how is my brand mentioned online?"

Discover how and on which channels people talk about your and/or your competitors’ brands online.

Cockpit Dashboard

"How can I access my VERITANDO data?"

The results of our research are aggregated and visualized in our easy-to-use cockpit. In this dashboard you can view all monitoring data as well as its historic development at the click of a button.

Personal Reporting

"How can I be sure that I use the data in the most effective way?"

To leave no questions unanswered, you also have the opportunity to personally discuss the reporting with one of our data specialists each month.

You want answers?

With WHO.AM.I. you get them all starting at € 125 / month

What we can do for you

The three strengths our customers benefit from.
Extracting Data from Every Website​

We extract and transform business-critical data for you with automated web scraping, screen scraping,
and data mining.

Understanding The Data

We help you discover business opportunities by analyzing user perception related to your business, industry trends and leading competitors.

Consulting & Tailor-Made Solutions

We can guide you in the right direction. No matter how complex your business questions, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward.

Don Draper Has Left the Building,

Data Driven Marketing is here

We LOVE data

We're data nerds solving hard problems so you can work faster.

From e-commerce to social media to local municipal governments, the internet is full of information that you need to run your business.
But it’s not always in a format that’s easy for you to analyze or syndicate. 

We’ve created a proprietary system that allows us to deliver fresh,
accurate and clean data to you – formatted for use in the analysis tools that you’re familiar with.


We analyze your brand / product in perception and rating.
Our source: the Internet
Our promise: complete, unbiased and up-to-date data

Our Clients

Driving technology for leading brands

Want to find out who you are on the web?

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