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With our research service you get the insights you need without the hassle of browsing endless websites, studies and reports.
Our experts distill the right information from over 1.000.000 international statistics and transform it into a ready-to-use answer for you.

Because business decisions large and small should always be based on data, not gut feeling.

Get answers to (almost) any question

How does my target group consume media? Who is buying DIY goods in Europe? Is there a demand for my intended service offer?

No matter if you want to validate your strategy, test an assumption or are plain curious about a topic, we handle the research for you and deliver answers. Of course that also includes forecasting and trend analysis.

 what you need

Data is business critical in todays world. However, it is often complicated and very time-consuming to find the answers you need. And that’s exactly where we support you.

Our experts are not only data ninjas but also have extensive backgrounds in business development and marketing. They know from their own experience what you need for your job. And they value having the right data, in the right format for the task at hand just as much as you do.

Place your order in under 3 minutes ans we deliver your answer within 2 business days.

Your answer is based on data from over 1 million international statistics in 4 different languages.

Analyze whole industries or countries in no time with our specialized reports.

Leverage our company profiles to quickly assess a prospect, partner or competitor.

Explore consumer behavior in terms of buying habits and media usage, both online and offline.

Evaluate future opportunities based on predicted growth for specific key sectors and product categories.

Download your answer as JPG, PDF, PPT and XLS file. Specialized data formats are also available on request.

Get the insights you need when you need them. No lengthy account setup, contracts or subscriptions.

Choose the depth and detail that fits your question

Specific question that can be answered with a specific number or statistic.



How many people use Spotify?”

When you need a specific KPI and chart to assess a certain aspect of a topic.

Broader or more detailed question that requires some time to screen and combine available data. 



“How is Spotify doing in terms of revenue, revenue sources and users?”

When you need several KPIs and charts to get a deeper understanding of a topic.

Very broad or detailed question that requires significant time to screen, analyze and combine data.



“How did the music streaming industry develop in terms of users, market share, revenue, songs available? What are the predictions for the coming years?”

When you need a comprehensive set of KPIs and charts to analyze the big picture of a topic.

It couldn't be any easier

Ask a question

Simply tell us your question and choose the desired depth and detail of its answer.

Let us do the heavy lifting

Focus on your actual job while we handle the whole research process for you.

Download your answer

Receive your research results in your favorite download format within 2 business days.

Talk to a data ninja

Have our experts put the data findings in context and explain complex correlations.

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