Data is the oil of our time is always said and from our point of view there is much truth in this statement. For example, similar problems with the "extraction" of data and the resulting information. With data research, the question is usually not whether there is data on a given situation, but how and where this data can be found. As a result, it is often complicated and very time-consuming to find the desired answers to specific questions. And this is exactly where we support you with our new Research Service.

At VERITANDO we have always been convinced that companies can benefit massively from a clever use of data. This is why we see it as our task to enable our partners and customers to use business-critical data as effectively and efficiently as possible. So far, we have focused on company-internal data and data from the immediate company environment.

Now we are extending our focus to researching classic market research data.

Data-based answers to (almost) every question

How does my target group consume media? Who buys DIY goods in Europe? Is there a demand for my planned product range?

No matter if you want to validate your strategy, test an assumption or simply satisfy your curiosity, we will do the data research for you. Our experts distill the right information from over 1,000,000 international statistics and turn it into an immediately usable answer for you. Depending on your exact question, we research not only on the basis of historical data, but also in the area of forecasts and trend analyses.

Your personal concierge for data research

Large and small business decisions should always be based on data rather than gut feeling. With our new research service, you'll gain important business insights without having to search through endless websites, studies and reports. Because from now on we will do the research for you.

Our experts are not only real data ninjas, but also know from their own experience in business development and marketing exactly what you need for your job. So you can rest assured that we will provide you with the right data in the right format for your particular use case.

The right packages for any use case

No matter which task or question you are faced with, we handle the data research for you. For easier ordering, you can choose from three different packages.

Our "Just Curious" package offers you quick answers to very specific questions in the form of clear figures or very specific statistics. Your question could be, for example, "How many people use Spotify?"
(Curious? Find the answer here.)

The "Tell Me More" package is the right choice if you want to dig a little deeper or wider into a topic. Our research is consequently more detailed, so that your answer is made up of various KPIs and statistics. To stick with our example, your question here could be "How is Spotify doing in terms of revenue, revenue sources and users?"
(Curious? Find the answer here.)

And for those of you wanting to know everything, we designed our "Know It All" package. It is the right choice if you are looking for the big picture on a topic or if you want to deal with a question in great detail. An exemplary question here would be "How did the music streaming industry develop in terms of users, market share, revenue, songs available? What are the predictions for the coming years?". To answer such a question, we research, analyse and combine a multitude of different statistics for you. You will receive your answer in the form of a comprehensive report, which we also provide in PowerPoint and Excel format in this package.

Additional service for your flexibility

Like every good concierge, your new VERITANDO "data concierge" will have an open ear for additional requests. In order to offer you as much flexibility as possible when using our research service, we have created a selection of add-ons for you. This allows you to adapt your research request to your intended purpose and to continue working on your actual task right after receiving your answer.

For starters, the following add-ons are available:

Next steps are already in planning

Currently, our new research service is designed for individual enquiries in the areas of marketing, business development, sales, product management and strategy and is available with the above packages and additional services. However, we are already working on further add-ons for you. In addition, an agency version of our service is planned for the future, which will make our research support in this area even more usable.

If you are working in the agency industry yourself or have any questions regarding the use of our research service, please feel free to contact us via Chat or contact form or schedule a free call with us.