Monitoring is actually the surveillance through an outsourced company for the material and the content that is published on the net. This is, when limited on social networks, known as social monitoring. In the modern era, this has become mandatory to prevent any catastrophic incident. This has also led to revolutionizing the old methods of thinking. People now have to be more innovative and more talented to crack this strong shield of monitoring.

Monitoring has many types but the most authentic and the most common one is the automated analysis. The analysis is taken directly from the sentimental view of the people on a particular thing. This has created a new and a very important area to focus for small level companies as well as to make the social media, yet, more important and user friendly. Another factor that makes this analysis much important for the companies is the direct source of information of what the people are expecting rather than depending on some source to guess the sentiments and the needs of the people.

The power of sentiments

Attraction is very important in social media and if this attraction is lacking then it is very difficult to motivate the customer and the client to buy the product. It is quite evident that the sentiments are directly attached to this attraction. Sentiments are actually, in every case, attached to everything. It’s just the mind that plays its role in deciding the time for the sentiments. According to researches, a person cannot make any decision before the consent of their sentiments and it’s very difficult to decide against that sentiment.

Social media and the people relating to online market take advantage of this research as they try to make the products attractive for persons to make up their mind to buy the product. If the advertisement is not eye catching, then even if the product is good, it won’t get the publicity until the advertisement is catchy and conveys the whole message for its consumer. If the company wants the products to be popular and profitable for the company, then it is compulsory for the companies to play with the sentiments of the people.

Sentiments in a company’s branding policy is one of the most important factor to be considered. If this factor is missing or inappropriate as compared to the present scenario of that time, then the branding policy is not strong and the product cannot get the real publicity and the profitable of which the company dreams. Similarly, if the policy makers can judge the real issue of the time and the related sentiments of the people attached to it, the product can be a big hit for the company because the people always wait for their desires and their expectation to be reached and completed.

The game with sentiments

Another factor that is kept in mind before the launching of product is the commitment that the company through the publicity makes to the people that all their problems will be solved with the product. But, if this does not happen the people take their hand of the trust from that company. But at the same time, the company through its strong board of branding can overcome this problem. The solution is very easy but has to follow the principles of sharpness. This means that the company has to act open mindedly and with full patience rather than panic and make the situation worse.

Overcoming through this situation is the most important thing here and it can be only done by making couple of advertisements than one. When the first advertisement promises to fulfil all the needs of the people, right after that another advertisement should come up with comparatively lesser promises than the first. This creates an unidentified expectation for the people and at the same time, it prepares itself to face anything. In this state, it does not have anything else than to rely on the company and trust. When the product is launched and is able to fulfil even some of the promises made in the first advertisement and highlighted in the second advertisement, people accept the product and rate it highly showing their trust in the company. This is an example of how companies play with the sentiments of the people hence proving their very importance that is being neglected by some small level companies and their failure starts from here.

The influence of sentiments

Measuring of sentiments is very important because the future of the companies rely on this factor. If the sentiments are unknown to the companies, they cannot prepare for the good of the people and waste time on what they think is important but for the people, it’s very ordinary.

For the understanding of this concept, take a short look at a shop keeper: He always try to drill some questions from his customer asking them to rate his products. When the products are rated, he can now know the right and the appropriate things for the customers because he is able to understand the sentiments of the people rather than just trying to figure out from their actions and gestures. A person can only guess from the gesture but this guess can never be authentic and right but through this process of sentiment, it becomes very easy for the shop keeper to conclude his results and act according to these results.

The analysis is very important that can be chalked out after the automated sentiments. This step is very important and mandatory for the companies to do. If the analysis of this is not done with full attention, the results cannot been drawn according to the sentiments of the people. So, it is mandatory for the companies to be very careful with the analysis of these sentiments. If the right sentiments can be drawn out from these analysis, the company can help make the social media a more important source of advertisement because the people associated with the social media take it very authentic and try to find something helpful for them.