It is very important to know that what really a brand is! And that can only be known by the perception of the customers who use that specific brand. The importance of brand largely depends on the perception of the people so it really matters what people have to say about the brand.

Some people say that a brand is only a representation of a logo, others say a slogan and others say that it is a company which presents its services and products for others. According to some famous social media guys, it is only a matter of simple mental creation for the users to know about a certain thing. It is also a shared experience basically which others share with each other and makes a general perception about something. This is what that influence others.
It is important to know that perception is a reality and that means what people say is true and that is what defines your brand as well. There are some questions which can tell you the significance of the brand perception such as:

  • What is your image’s offer of voice contrasted with contenders?
  • Which of your items is most discussed?
  • What is the general estimation towards your image?
  • How does estimation about your image change over the long run?
  • What has brought on spikes in discussion about your image?
  • What are the top points discussed in connection to your image?
  • What do individuals like most about your image or your items?

Now the questions is where would you get answers to these questions?

The answers would be given to you be the general perception of people on the web and that is known as social listening. After getting your required answers, you need to make your brand social by doing the certain findings of what your brand is lacking in! According to an estimate, social media is responsible for the biggest shift in brand reception, so, it is important for a brand to change the thinking of the people by doing some social practices and changing their minds toward their brand.

According to a survey of different brand associations, only 24% of the companies do social branding while 69% of brands do branding via TV. There is a lot more to do for socializing your brand because branding is the backbone of a company to display its products and social listening could help you out perfectly in this regard. The only thing which you need to know is that people defines your brand, not you and your services, therefore, perception is what that matters! Work more on social branding in order to change what people think about your brand. Brand name does not define you; in fact, the social perception defines the strength of your brand. It’s time to reassess your findings and make yourself social enough to do proper branding of your brand. Make your brand active in peoples’ mind and less on TV commercials.